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06.03.2011 · How to Contest a Quit Claim Deed My question involves real estate located in the State of: Tennessee My uncle purchased real estate in Tennessee in 2006, with the Title being in his name. It was understood that my husband and myself would co-own the property. When To Use a Quit Claim Deed in Virginia. Some circumstances do call for using quit claim deeds. Here are some circumstances in which a quit claim deed may be your best legal instrument for transferring property: ñ A parent wants to give their home to their child, but does not want to be held liable for any problems with the property. Connecticut Quit Claim Deed. As set forth in General Statutes Sec. 47-5, 47-36c, quitclaim deeds in the state of Connecticut must contain specific information in order to be validly executed. Requirements for Recording a Michigan Quit Claim Deed. Recording a quit claim deed will give your share of ownership in real estate property to someone else. Once a quit claim deed is signed and filed at your county recorder's office, it permanently transfers title and cannot be undone if you understood the.

Hi dee, You can contest a quit claim deed if you can proof that the deed was fraudulent. You can contact a local real estate attorney and take his opinion in this case. He will guide you in this regard and let you know whether or not you can contest the deed. Kentucky Quit Claim Deed. Real property transfers are governed by Chapter 382 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes. Although they are not defined in the statutes, Kentucky accepts quitclaim deeds to transfer the rights, title, and interest in real estate, if any, from the grantor seller to the grantee buyer, with no protections for the grantee. 31.08.2015 · How to Challenge the Grant of a Quit Claim Deed My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Indiana Our Mother had a well documented will done when she was in good mental health. One of the beneficiaries filed a quit claim deed years later when she was not in good mental health memory loss and claimed the entire estate.

A quit claim deed is a document in which the transfer of property or land from the owner, identified as the grantor, is given to another individual or party, whom is labeled as the grantee. In some ways, the quit claim deed can be seen as a type of real estate document. A quit claim deed is a legal document that conveys the interest a person has in a property to another person or entity. It does not affect the mortgage or responsibility for the mortgage. It is frequently used in divorces or estate planning to simply transfer ownership from one party to another. To retain the right to. Quit Claim Deed Form. All states have specific laws regarding required elements of a quit claim deed form. While these vary slightly by jurisdiction, it is common for quit claim deed forms to include the following information: Names of both the Grantor and the Grantee; Name of the county in which the property is located. 12.12.2017 · It is important to know how and when to use a quit claim deed to transfer property. For more information see /quick-claim-deed-or-quit.

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